Aisi Taisi Hypocrisy By Mujtaba Ali – Mere Saamne Wali Sarhad Pe- Audio Mp3

Aisi Tisi Mujtaba Ali-single-TrackAisi tesi Hypocrisy by Mujtaba Ali is a new song which is in response to Indian song Aisi Tesi Democracy is based on the clashes between Pakistan and India since last 68 years. The song is for increasing the concept of aman ki asha on the basis of equality. The lyrics of the song are such beautiful and the singer mujtaba sings them really well. The song has just released and it is equal poplar in India Pakistan.

Pakistan and India are two such neighbors who have been fighting since they were born and they have fought many official battles. Although these two countries were together before separation but Pakistan got separate on the basis of two nation theory. Now after separation there are so many issues which need to be resolved but these issues can be point out via dialog process.

There have been so many media campaign were started between these two countries to make them closer like Aman ki Asha was started in Pakistan and India than it followed to Aman on the basis equality. It is better for both countries to start a peace process and it is better for them to growth equally instead of fighting.

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