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Mahi Ray Ost Title Song Ptv Drama

Mahi Ray-PtvHome-Drama-Title-SongMahi Re is drama serial which is being on aired on Ptv home and that drama is being liked among the public. Mahi Ray is a ptv home drama serial and they have right to telecast this play.  Mahi Rey was released on 11 January 2015 and since then it is being popular among the ptv audience.  It is such a beautiful drama with famous actors, cast and a strong story script.

Mahi re is Pakistani drama serial and this is just like that kind of drama for which Ptv is famous. Pakistan drama and specially ptv drama are always have a strong scripted and well directed dramas because of criteria of channel. Ptv is a famous channel and it a core responsibilities to produce such kind of dramas which can enhance the social life of Pakistani people.

The drama is a beautiful drama and most of the part is shot in the northern areas of Pakistan and that is why it enhances the beauty of Pakistan where mountain lions can be found.  I suggest you should watch this beautiful play. It tells the social life of people, how they behave with their relatives. This is a pure social script and really based on common people problems.

Nowadays dramas are strong platform for fashion designers to display their collection and increase their sale. Basically dramas have become the trend-setter because people not only follow the drama but they watch complete accessories which she has brought alongside her acting. Fashion designers the people the fashion trends and drama become the complete fashion show and they help in growth of fashion industry.

That is why entertainment magazines also change into fashion magazines and they show fashion alongside of drama story. So dramas are helping the every industry and this is strong mode of conveying the message to people.  Fashion industry is taking full fruit from drama and they also conduct fashion week and advertise it in drama hours.

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Length:  4:16

Subha Ki Kahani – Geo Kahani Ost Title Song – Morning Show


Subah ki kahani is a new morning show which is will start from 24 August 2015 and it will be aired at 9:00 am on geo kahani. The interesting morning show will be hosted by a talented news caster madiha naqvi, who previously hosted a morning show at geo tez. The morning will officially be on aired on geo kahani.

The trend of morning shows was started by Ptv network in old times and it was pure a informative and entertainment program than in 2002 when private media was allowed, geo tv network lounged the morning which was hosted by nadia khan and that show became so  much popular and after that now there are almost every channel whether it news channel or entertainment they have a morning show.

Now on get kahani which is a pure national and international drama channel is going to telecast sabha ki kahani from 14th of this month and you will watch this show live from Monday to Friday at 9:00 am. What is a trend you can see nowadays on tv, you by viewing these shows can check the market trend of fashion, wedding or anything which you think can increase the rating these shows.

I still don’t understand that what is the concept behind these morning shows, what they want to tell our women, what kind of message they want to convey. Besides these all things it is true that our people want to see these kind of shows that is why they are airing on tv.

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By Alycia Dias
Length: 2:10

Kaanch Ki Guriya Ost Geo Tv Title Song

Kaanch_Ki_Guria_Geo_Tv-title-songKaanch ki guriya is drama which is being aired on geo tv. It was released on 30 March 2015 and since than it is very much popular among the public. The drama is aired on every Monday at 8:00 pm on geo tv. The drama is based on the dream of the little girl. The drama is such a beautiful directed play and if you have not watched it yet, go ahead and watch it on this monday.

The drama is a Pakistani drama and I think it is enough to say that the drama is hit because Pakistani drama industry has the enough power to produce top world class dramas. You can compare this drama with good drama movies.

Yumna zaidi is playing the lead rold as she is very much popular among women specially in teenage girls. She is being appeared alongside sami khan. Yumna has worked so many dramas on geo tv and she has the enough skills which are required to become the top actress.

It is drama which describe the social life of a young girl and how she survives and how her dreams are broken down. The drama is being discussed on social media nowadays. It is a good message for the women that they should be socially strong enough to fight with the ups and down of life.

It is era of producing hit dramas and searching for the unique script. Those who bring new ideas in this digital media, he can survive and prove himself as a best writer and director. Nowadays everything becomes the social media news and people are more aware as they before. So you have to work really hard to prove yourself and introduce yourself in such a competitive life.

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Original, 128kbps
Length: 6:48

Mohabbat Hogai Tum Se Ost Title Song Tv One

Mohabbat Ho Gai Tumse-Tv-One-Title-Song

Mohabbat hogai tumse is a new drama serial which has just started on tv one global. It is a social romantic story which is led by Pakistan top actors and actresses. Tv one reserves the official right to telecast the whole play. Mohabbat ho gai tumse is a new Pakistan prime time drama serial and it is such a beautiful drama with top class of cast.

Although Pakistan is on the top in drama industry and Pakistani producers have produced such hit drama and there is a chain of hit drama serial and I should say they are countless. After the drama story of last six decades in 2012 to 2013 industry had little bit survival time but now they industry in floating again on the peak time.

Lets come back to the topic the drama Mohabbat ho gai tumse (I’ve fallen in your love) is a pure romantic drama where you’ll see the pure love and how love clash. It can surely said that the play is designed accordance with the needs of viewers.

Now we talk about the original soundtrack of the play. The ost of the drama’S lyrics are written by khalilullah farooqui, ost singer name is adeeb ahmed. Mohabbat hogai tumse ost title song  download audio mp3 tv one global drama serial listen audio mp3 vide, download staff, cast and crew, Pakistan drama serial, tvone global, tv one, tv 1, mohabbat ho gait um se, tumsay, hogaye, mohabbat hogai tum say.



Download Ost Title Song

Length: 2:32

Puljhariyan Ost Title Song Ary Zindagi Download MP3

Phuljariyan 2015 Drama Ary Zindagi-title-song

Phuljariyan is a comedy play which is being aired on Ary zindagi nowadays. The play is on aired every Friday at 7:00 on ary zindagi. The drama is released on 7th August 2015 and it is being admired by audience. The play is full time comedy and it is 20 minutes play.

The original soundtrack Ost of the drama is very nice and singer name is mubashir shaukat and lyrics are done by sabir zafar. Phuljariyan ost title song download mp3 ary zindagi drama serial comedy play, phuljariyaan, phuljharian, ary zindagi drama songs, cast full songs, 2015

Puljhariyan Ary Digital Drama Title Song
Download Ost Here@Mp3
Original, 128kbps

Sangat Ost Title Song Hum Tv Download MP3

sangat-ost-hum-tv-drama-songSong: Sangat
OST: Hum Tv
Producer: Moomal entertainment
Composed by: Waqar Ali
Writer: Zafar Mairaj
Director: Kashif Nisar
Sangat HUM TV Drama Serial
Starring: Mekal Zulifqar, Saba Qamar, Zahid Ahmed, Nauman Ejaz, Kiran Haq, Saba Faisal, Asma abbas, Adnan Shah and others.




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Noor Bano Zindagi Tv Ost Title Song Download Mp3

Noor Bano Zindagi HumTv Ost Title Song Mp3

Song: Noor Bano Zindagi

Drama: Hum TV

Release : 2015

Noor bano is a new play which is going to start on Zindagi tv. Mahnoor baloch and Imran Abbas will leading in this drama. The original soundtrack of the drama is sung by legend singer rahat fateh ali khan. Yeh zakhm e ishq hai koshish karo hara hi rahe, kasak toh jaa na sake gi agar yeh bhar bhi gaya. Baat kar le mujh se mere khali pan baat kar le mujh se meri tanhai ki.



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Mumkin Ost Title Song Ary Digital Download MP3

Mumkin Ary drama

Song: Mumkin Ost Title Song

Released Date : 17 March 2015

Ost: Ary Digital

The ost of the drama is sung Hassan Hayat Khan. Mumkin ost title song download mp3 full song Jab koi pyar se bulaye ga, ary drama songs, hasan hayat khan songs.


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Mera Yahan Koi Nahi Ost GeoTv Drama Title Song Download MP3

Mera-Yahan-Koi-Nahi--Geo-Tv-drama-Song-mp3Song: Mera Yahan Koi Nahi
OST: GeoTv
Lyrics: sabir zafar
Composed by: Ahsan Ali Taj and Sung by Bushra bilal
Writer: None
Director: Ahsan Ali Taj and Sung by Bushra bilal
Mera Yahan Koi Nahi Geo TV Drama Serial




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Main Baraye Farokh Hon Ptv Home Ost Title Song Download Mp3

Mein Baraye Farokht-Ptv-Home-Title-SongSong: Main Baraye Farokh Hon
Producer: None
Composed by: None
Writer: None
Director: None
Main Baraye Farokh Hon Ptv Home TV Drama Serial
Starring: The Sound track of the play is sung by Muhammad Ali. Main baraye farokh drama ost title song download audio mp3 full song, video, lyrics, mai barai farokht, mein, may, drama,


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