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Farzana Naz Afghan Singer 2013 Pashto Songs Mp3

  1. Farzana Naz Afghan Singer 2013 Pashto Songs Mp3Aey Bazari Janana-Download
  2. Da Da Barana Shpa-Download
  3. Der Yad Shwe Me Ashna De-Download
  4. Kala Call Kala Miss Call-Download
  5. Nan Laley Raghale De-Download
  6. Nangarharey Halak Razi-Download
  7. Tola Meena Meena Yam-Download
  8. Wa Moor Jane Zra Ye Rana Wore De-Download
  9. Za Da Ghanamrang Halak Yari Kawom-Download
  10. Zra Ba Darkawom -Download


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Naghma Gul Panra Nazia Iqbal 2013 Mp3 Songs

Naghma_Nazia_Gul_Panra_-_2013Singer / Album Name: Naghma Gul Panra Nazia IqbalDescription: Naghma Gul Panra Nazia Iqbal 2013 Album Pashto Mp3 Songs
Total Songs: 7
Added on: 4 Weeks Ago


  1. Che De Was Da Bado Na Wee-Download
  2. Da Hijran Pa Toro Shpo Ke -Download
  3. Da Shno Wano Sarona-Download
  4. Mashallah Mashallah-Download
  5. Nawey Che Bekhee Meena Ke Badi Janana-Download
  6. Sa Wakam-Download
  7. Za Masta Laila Yam-Download

Angaar 2013 Album Film Hits Pashto Songs Mp3


Singer / Album Name: AngaarDescription: Angaar Album Film Hits Pashto Mp3 Songs
Total Songs: 10
Added on: Sun-16-Jun-2013


  1. Angaar De Angar Sta Da Meene-Download
  2. Bal Sho Pa Ma Sta Da Khwagy Meene-Download
  3. Da Gulo Lakhta Yem Tawegam-Download
  4. Da Kho Janan De Zama-Download
  5. Jeene Ta Bande Mayan Shom-Download
  6. Narai Ka Starge Tore -Download
  7. Rang Da Anar Ye -Download
  8. Sta Mohabbat Oor Lagawi-Download
  9. Starge Me Braghe Tamachi Di-Download
  10. Zama Da Hussan Garam Bazar De-Download


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Afghan Hits Vol-3 2013 Pashto Album song Mp3

Afghan Hits Vol-3 Pashto song

Singer / Album Name: Afghan Hits Vol-3Description: Afghan Hits Vol-3 Pashto Album Audios Mp3 Songs Music
Total Songs: 12
Added on: Sat-12-Jan-2013


  1. Afghan Hits -Download
  2. Afghan Watana Latif Nangarhari -Download
  3. Chekonam Maan Chekonam – Rahim Shah-Download
  4. Da Khowra Da Kabal Da Zeek Afridi -Download
  5. Da Mangi Ghara Me Shna-Download
  6. Lary Ka Lasoona Makh De Gorama-Download
  7. Meena Kawam Shah Sawar-Download
  8. Pa Shoundo Sro Bande-Download
  9. Shayira Za Pa Ta Nazegam Gul Panra-Download
  10. Sta Deere Nakhe Da Yaary-Download
  11. Wa Wa Dilbar Jon-Download
  12. Zama Da Marg Sta Da Wada-Download


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Special Hits 2013 Album Pashto Mp3 Songs

Special Hits 2013 Album Pashto Mp3 Songs

Be Lata Jowand Me Na Teregi, Ashraf Gulzar- Download

Da Ghra Laman Da Godar Ghara- Download

Deera Sada Yama Dil Raj- Download

Kala Ba Kawey Sanama Meena Rasara- Download

Kala Khushali Kala Ghamona Rakawa, Khalid Malik- Download

Khkuley Yam Haseena Yam – Download

Khowa La Darzama Yara, Dil Raj- Download

Ma Na De Zargey Warey De, Khalid Malik- Download

Meena Rawa Da- Download

Pa Alaho Ba De Oda Kam, Saima Naz- Download

Ta Ba Lewaney Kama- Download

Wayama Che Yama Pa Janan Mayan- Download


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Ghale Ghonde Rasha Nazia Iqbal 2013 Album Pashto Mp3


Bangri Ba Na Pa Laas Kawam- Download

Chal Ba Na Sara Kawo- Download

Jora Herani Kra Ghale- Download

Khkuli Da Nazono Bambari Kawi- Download

Na We Che Bekhi Meena Ghale- Download

Oss Che Me Janan Shwalay- Download

Sanga Ba Sta Yaadona Her Kam- Download

Ta Ghwaram Za- Download


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Zargay Nazia Iqbal 2013 Album Pashto Mp3 Songs


Singer / Album Name: Zargay Nazia Iqbal

Added on: Sun-22-Sep-2013


Nazia Iqbal Album Zargay Tapey Part-1-Download

Nazia Iqbal Album Zargay Tapey Part-2-Download

Nazia Iqbal Album Zargay Tapey Part-3-Download

Nazia Iqbal Album Zargay Tapey Part-4-Download

Nazia Iqbal Album Zargay Tapey Part-5-Download



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Best of Gul Sanga 2013 Album Pashto Mp3 Songs

best of gul sanga album-2013

  1. Be Da Yara, Gul Sanga- Download
  2. Za Yema Wana Da Badam, Gul Sanga- Download
  3. Muhabbat Sa Ta Wayi ,Gul Sanga- Download
  4. Da Yaw Arman De Zama, Gul Sanga- Download
  5. Janana Janana Wa Zama Janana,Gul Sanga- Download
  6. Da Zra Parhar La Rasha, Gul Sanga- Download
  7. Janan Rata Rayadegi, Gul Sanga- Download
  8. Meene De Za Dera Tawani Krama ,Gul Sanga- Download
  9. Meene Ta Ba Na Waye,Gul Sanga- Download
  10. Sor Me Salu Shan Me Khalona,Gul Sanga- Download



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Qurbani 2013 Film Album Hits Pashto Mp3 Songs

Qurbani 2013 Pashto songs

  1. Zan Yaraney Ta Jorawey Nelo- Download
  2. Mar Ba De Kam Irum Ashna – Download
  3. Ya Me Mra Ka Ya Raza Sha Sitara Younas – Download
  4. Sta Da Yarey Na Zan Qurban De Zama Zaman – Download
  5. Meena Da Grana Deera- Download
  6. Za Yam Da Truk Driver- Download
  7. Da Shpa Da Wada Shpa Hashmat Sahar – Download
  8. Akhiri Gut Da Zaro- Download
  9. Toba Zama Toba Zeek Afridi – Download
  10. Da Zargi Kor Ye- Download
  11. Jeene Pa Meena Me Bambar Ka Rahim Shah- Download
  12. Toro Jamo Ke Rata Zan Jor Ka Rahim Shah Nazia Iqbal- Download



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Zra Lewane Nazia Iqbal 2013 Album Pashto Mp3 Songs


  1. Ta Che Zama Da Khwa Na Zee – Download
  2. Aey Bewafa Sanama – Download
  3. Sta Da Daragho Pa Wado Che- Download
  4. Da Da Zargi Loba – Download
  5. Nazia Ba Khawrey Kegi – Download
  6. Pam Kawam Zra Cha La War Na Kre – Download
  7. Da Hagha Zra Ba Sa – Download
  8. Ma Kawa Dhoka – Download
  9. Bewafa Sta Na Be Sabar Kama – Download
  10. Sal Zal Ka Inkar Ukre – Download



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