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hamari-bitya-ary-zindagi-drama-ost-song-2015Hamari Bitiya is a new soap on Ary Zindagi which has just started and people have watched and they have shared good response regarding this drama. The is a complete soap and it being aired on ary zindagi tv where you can watch this from Mon to Thu at 7:00 pm. The drama was released on 24th August 2015 and since it has been a favorite play of ary viewers.

Hamari bitiya is a story of daughter and how a father has to grow up and how he feels after the marriage of her beloved daughter. This is nice script and I am sure you are gonna love this play. You will realize that it is a different concept and different story from all previous stories. This is a story of father and daughter relations and there will be a moral message for all girls.

Pakistan is country where we give more importance to our daughter and father always feels great when gets a daughter and he feels that Allah has sent his blessing to him. Pakistani daughters are I will luckiest daughters in the world. That has become the moral fiber for a girl who has aim and ambitious in her life because she knows her father is always with her.

Although it is good for girls that their parents trust on them and this is their core responsibility that they should also obey the rules of their father because that will be the best moral definition for others. A father can play a vital role to discuss the important moral code of life with her daughter so that she can survive less in her life. This must be our moral obligation to teach others a right path which will not only help other but in return we’ll get more than others.

Pakistan dramas must be on true stories or stories which can help our youngster to resolve their future problems. Drama is strong platform in a country to discuss the social problems and provide the solutions but it is sad that our dramas are not going beyond love and romance, which is basically insult our old legend writers who worked to establish the civilized society.

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