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Ishq Be Parwah 2008 Pakistan Movie Songs

  1. Bunday – Download
  2. Gori Gori Veeni-Download
  3. Ishq Be Parwah2 – Download
  4. Ishq Be Parwah –Download
  5. Jera Dil Wich-Download
  6. Maye Nee-Download
  7. Meri Zulf Hulara –Download
  8. Ni Saiyyon Assi Naina Dy Akhy Lagay-Download
  9. Piplaan De Chawain-Download
  10. Ranjhan Mainu Heer Banawan-Download
  11. Way Phad Meri Baan-Download


MP4 Video SONGs


  1. Bunday.mp4-Download
  2. Way Phar Mari Baahn.mp4-Download
  3. Gori Gori Veeni.mp4-Download
  4. Ishq Be Parwah-Female.mp4-Download
  5. Ishq Beparwah.mp4-Download
  6. Jehra Ek Wari)Veena Malik.mp4-Download
  7. Way Pharr Meri Baan (Movie Ishq Be Parwah).mp4-Download



Right click-(ON SONG)- Save Target As,To Download
3GP Format – For Mobile DVD Movie

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