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Dil-Ashna-Hai-Dil-Hai-Ashna-OST-Saas-Bahu-Mp3-Download-Drama-SongSaas Bahu is a Geo tv drama serial which is started from 20th August and you can watch it on every Thursday at 8:00 pm on geo tv. The drama is based on the story of relationship between mother in law and daughter in law. Sometimes mother in law is good but daughter in law is not but sometimes it gets reverse and this is really strange but it is true. The drama saas bahu as it showed with the title that the story will revolve these all things.

Pakistan is country where people live in a joint family system and if we talk about the benefits of joint family system and these are a lot but still there are some disadvantages as well. But we are in a society where our moral values are more important and we can’t leave this particular system. So it good for us that we have certain system we give more importance to our parents.

Sometime it becomes disturbing for us having a joint family but still we believe that this is a vital solution of so many problems and we therefore prefer to live with our parents who spend their whole life for their children. Although western society is completely different but we don’t need to think about that. We should feel proud that we have our parents which is a big blessing on us.

It is true that sometimes it gets really hard to judge who is right and wrong between mother and wife for a man but you need to find out solution, sometime man gets the solution to leave the home and gets separated but this is I must say a wrong decision and a coward escape from responsibilities. Someone can differ with my thinking but you’ll understand the sense behind this if you have lost your mother or father and how badly you miss their importance.

Lets comeback to the drama, this is good subject someone would say that it has been discussed a lot but still there so many points which must be told to our public because drama is not a dram it is a message to our public. We need enhance the sanctity of this relationship rather than focusing on negativity. This one is a pure social drama and pure entertainment and a pure message. If you have watched it and tell other what is good in it and what you fell about the story whether it is good or just like others.

The original soundtrack ost of the drama is very nice which is titled as dil aashna hai. The singers name are nauman shafi and rosemary mushtaq, backing vocals by ghazala ali. The song is composed and arranged by shuja hyder, mixed and mastered by shuja haider. Saas bahu ost title song geo drama serial download audio mp3 full high quality, by nauman shafi and rosmary mushtaq, rosmary mushtaq songs, nauman shafi songs, geo tv dram songs, latest Pakistani drama songs, lyrics, listen audio 2015, schedule, repeat.


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